Web Developer

I graduated from Binus University, Computer Science Department, specialized in database. I have worked as Web Developer for 1,5 year and Mobile developer half  a year.

I want to get project and worked as freelance so i search information from the internet and my friends. when i meet a new friends as an volunteer, i get an info where to get a project. He has work and finish the  project from toptal.com. I open the toptal.com

While I’ve been researching other freelancing platforms, I came across TopTal.com and I immediately fell in love with it. Let me explain why I ended up liking it so much:

  • It’s the place where the best freelancers are – TopTal receives thousands of applications every month, but only about 3% of applicants get in. According to their website and various blog posts on the web, TopTal has developed a tough screening process to identify and accept the best engineers. Oh, and did I mention that the engineers who are accepted at TopTal work for clients such as Airbnb and ZenDesk?
  • Great blog posts – This is how I learned about TopTal in the first place. They have excellent posts on their Engineering Blog, written by freelance software engineers who work at TopTal. I’ve learned a lot from their blog, and I highly recommend that you try it for yourself.
  • Long term work – The only reason I don’t like freelance platforms such as Elance is that it’s hard to find long-term projects for a competitive salary there. Most of the projects are low-paying short-term projects, and you have to be on their site every day, so you can catch (on time) and apply quickly for the occasional good project that is posted there. That is boring, and very time consuming. TopTal promises to provide opportunities for you, so you don’t have to waste an entire day just searching for a good project.

Anyway, I’ve just began the interview process at TopTal.com (to become a part of the web developer and mobile hybrid app developer), and I really like to get in and become one of the freelancers who work there. If you’re a software engineer looking for work, I recommend that you do the same.


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